Liberals launch new youth campaign: Matters.


What matters to you?

Youth Jobs

Here’s the problem for too many young people: you can’t find a good job because you don’t have enough experience, and you can’t get experience because you can’t find a good job. No wonder you feel stuck.

We’ll end that cycle. It starts with our $1.5 billion investment in jobs and opportunity for young people, including 40,000 youth jobs each year for the next three years.

We’ll create 40,000 jobs for young people. The kind that actually pay you.

And we know it’s not just about having a job, it’s about doing something meaningful. That’s why we’re investing to create 5,000 green jobs for young people. You’ll have the chance to explore Canada’s natural beauty and be a part of safeguarding our environment — all the while earning a living.


The Liberal Party is the only party that will legalize marijuana — not just decriminalize it. We think this is the most sensible policy to fix our broken system. Right now there is no way to keep proceeds from marijuana sales out of the hands of violent gangs, and we can’t do anything to reduce its negative health impacts. Legalization would fix that. Justin Trudeau will legalize — not just decriminalize — marijuana.

Harper’s marijuana policy keeps money flowing to violent gangs and does nothing to reduce negative health impacts. That doesn’t make any sense.


It’s 2015. It’s time we moved beyond telling people they need to choose between the environment and the economy. Young Canadians know better than anyone that the success of our economy depends on the sustainability of our environment.

Canada’s approach to global warming right now doesn’t make any sense. We actually subsidize the fossil fuel industry! We’ll end that, and we’ll put a price on carbon.

When you find out Harper subsidizes the fossil fuel industry

We also know that Canada should be leading the fight against global warming. That’s why within 90 days of becoming Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will meet with all Canada’s Premiers to create a real national plan to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. Harper has refused to take action on global warming, and changing that is a top priority.


Under Harper, tuition has gone up by more than 30%. Two-thirds of parents today believe they won’t be able to afford tuition for their kids. And the average student graduates today with $28,000 of debt.

You shouldn’t have to be rich like Diddy to get an education.

We’ll make it easier for students who need help paying tuition to get it, boosting investment in the Canada Student Grant. We’ll also let graduates take longer to pay back student loans so you can get started with your life and career.


Some people think the fight for equality in Canada is over. It’s not true. For example, Health Canada bans men who have sex with men from donating blood. We think that’s unfair, and we’ll end that sort of discrimination. We’ll also advance rights for trans Canadians and battle all forms of discrimination against this community. The Liberal Party has always fought for equality, and we’ll continue to advance that cause.

Change matters.
You can be a part of it.

You’ll need to volunteer yourself for this.

We all want change. But real change isn’t going to just happen on its own. It’s going to take people like you doing something to make it happen.

If you really want change from the Harper decade, do something — commit to vote and be a part of making change happen.

A chance to be a part of something like this doesn’t come around all the time, and we all need to work together if we’re going to get new leadership in this country.

Change matters. Can we count you in?