A new plan for Canada

August 2, 2015

Friends, we can agree this election is about change, but what kind of change would make the most difference in your life?

Liberals have a new plan to help the middle class – we’ll lower your taxes by asking the wealthiest 1% of Canadians to pay a little more. And we’ll provide bigger child benefits to those who need it most, without taxing you on it later.

For 10 years Stephen Harper has shown that he has no plan for the middle class. Now, he is going spend millions on attack ads trying to convince you that change is risky.

Thomas Mulcair is betting you won’t look too closely at what he’s promising. It’ll be years into the future before his childcare plan could ever take effect. His federal minimum wage increase applies to less than 1% of people actually making minimum wage – and he knows it.

Elections aren’t about seeing what you can get away with promising, they’re about saying what you mean, and doing what you say.

That’s what real change looks like to me.

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Thank you,

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