Andrew Scheer: Spokesperson for the gun lobby?

September 21, 2019

Montreal, QC – While Justin Trudeau’s Liberals are strengthening gun laws, Andrew Scheer wants to weaken them.

“Yesterday, Justin Trudeau announced a new Liberal government will ban military-style assault weapons and make it harder for criminals to get handguns,” said Liberal candidate for Ahuntsic-Cartierville, Mélanie Joly. “Andrew Scheer will do the opposite – weakening gun laws because he’s beholden to the gun lobbyists who are working to elect the Conservatives.”

When Andrew Scheer ran for leader of the Conservative Party, he promised to change the law and allow politicians to legalize the most dangerous guns – instead of the RCMP, as is the case today. In fact, removing the power of the RCMP to classify guns was a key commitment in Andrew Scheer’s leadership platform. Andrew Scheer also intends to scrap the new law that requires enhanced background checks and requires proof of license for non-restricted firearms.

“People are dying from gun crime, families are grieving, and communities are suffering,” said Joly. “Andrew Scheer opposes practical action to end gun violence. Why? He’s in the pocket of gun lobbyists. Don’t take it from me, watch Andrew Scheer parrot gun lobbyists.”