Identification Requirements to Vote at a Nomination Meeting

In order to be eligible to vote at a Team Trudeau Nomination Meeting, an individual must be a Registered Liberal by the deadline published in the notice. To see all meeting notices, click here.

Registered Liberals who are eligible to vote must provide identification to prove their identity and address. There are three options to prove your identity and address.

Option 1: One piece of government issued ID that contains your photo, name, and current home address:

  • Driver’s Licence
  • Provincial or territorial ID card
  • Any other government issued ID that contains your photo, name, and current home address

Option 2: Show two pieces of ID, at least one of which must contain your address:

Examples of ID to prove your identity:

  • Health card or hospital card
  • Canadian passport
  • Credit or debit card
  • Citizenship card or certificate of citizenship
  • Library or transit card
  • Student ID card

Examples of ID to prove your identity and address:

  • Bank or credit card statement
  • Lease, utility bill, insurance statement
  • Pay stub, government cheque, statement of government benefits
  • Correspondence or timetable issued by a school, college, or university

For a more complete list of acceptable pieces of identification, click here.

Option 3: If you do not have a piece of ID that has your address, provide two pieces of ID with your name, swear an oath and have another Registered Liberal vouch for your address.

The person vouching must:

  • Be a Registered Liberal
  • Reside in the same electoral district
  • Have provided the proper ID in options 1 or 2

A Registered Liberal may only vouch for one other Registered Liberal, or up to 5 if they are immediate family living in the same household.

Please note: Liberal Membership Cards, Donor Cards, or any other card issued by the Party are not valid pieces of identification.