Liberal Infrastructure Plan


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Why it matters
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A new direction for our economy

Canadians have been struggling for 10 years to get ahead — and for most people, things aren’t getting better. It’s time for a new plan, and a new direction for our economy. While Stephen Harper and Thomas Mulcair both promise more cuts, Justin Trudeau will invest in people, and things that make our everyday lives better. Transit. Roads. Clean energy. Schools. Hospitals. The basic infrastructure our economy needs to grow and we need in order to get ahead.

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Investing in the building blocks of opportunity

Public transit infrastructure

Our plan quadruples Federal investment in public transit. And to make sure projects actually get built, we’ll make funding flexible for municipalities. That means you’ll spend less time in traffic, and more time with your loved ones.

Social infrastructure

A Liberal government will provide almost $20 billion over 10 years for social infrastructure — things like affordable housing, child care spaces, communities centres, and more. We’ll help build things that make a positive difference in your life.

Green infrastructure

We will invest nearly $6 billion over the next 4 years and $20 billion over 10 years in green infrastructure. This will create greener energy, cleaner land, and more good jobs for Canadians. Our plan invests in a stronger economy and a cleaner environment.

The Liberal plan will create jobs, grow the economy, and put more money in Canadians’ pockets – not in a decade, but right away.
Justin Trudeau

Economic experts endorse our plan

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    “Canada’s Liberal Party is pushing what should be pushed in US-a major infrastructure initiative to get the economy going & build for future.”

    Lawrence Summers Chief Economic Advisor for the Obama Administration, World Bank Chief Economist
    August 27, 2015

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    “If the government increases taxes at the very top and increases spending on infrastructure, education, technology, it stimulates the economy.”

    Joseph Stiglitz Former World Bank Chief Economist and Chairman of the US President’s Council of Economic Advisers
    Maclean’s, September 1, 2015

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    “The Liberal leader actually has the most realistic take on our economy.”

    Tim Harper Toronto Star, September 2, 2015

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    “It’s very important that we build the public infrastructure that will facilitate growth in the future, and facilitate the income growth of those very children 10 and 20 years hence.”

    David Dodge Former Governor of the Bank of Canada and former Deputy Minister of Finance
    Everything is Politics with Evan Solomon, August 27, 2015