Liberals to invest in Metro Vancouver public transit

September 10, 2015

VANCOUVER – A Liberal government will provide funding for local transit priorities in Metro Vancouver as part of an historic investment in public transit and job creation, said the Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, Justin Trudeau, today.

“When it comes to transit, the need is real, and the projects are ready to go. Here in Vancouver and the surrounding area, and in communities all across Canada, local leaders know what needs to be done. They’re proposing the projects that will get our cities and our economy moving again,” said Mr. Trudeau. “That’s why I’m pleased to announce that a Liberal government will work with municipalities and the province to extend rapid transit service along Broadway to Arbutus, bring light rail transit to Surrey, and increase SeaBus service during peak periods. We will take a comprehensive approach to addressing the congestion issue – including looking at interchanges and key bottlenecks – such as with the Lynn Creek Bridge.”

Increased SeaBus service, extended rapid transit along Broadway, and Surrey light rail all fall under the purview of a larger, historic public transit investment announced by Justin Trudeau last week. A Liberal government will quadruple federal investment in public transit over the next decade, investing nearly 20 billion new dollars in transit infrastructure. Municipalities – which are responsible for the majority of public transit in Canada – have limited revenue sources. We will work with municipalities to see that local projects are prioritized, and ensure funding is flexible rather than a roadblock to development. We will also provide our provinces, territories, and municipalities with the long-term, predictable federal funding needed to make community transit plans a reality.

“Strong, prosperous communities are those that invest in themselves and build ambitiously,” continued Mr. Trudeau. “Accessible, reliable public transit is essential to maintaining our overall quality of life. Liberals want to ensure Canadians get to their destinations on time, whether that destination is work, their kid’s soccer game, or a big job interview. Investing in public transit is about investing in Canadians, and Liberals will grow the economy, generate good-paying jobs, and create livable communities in the process.”

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