Asking Financial Institutions to Help Canada Build Back Better

August 25, 2021

Young Canadians deserve the opportunity to own a home of their own, and that’s why we’re moving ahead with an ambitious plan that will:

  • Help you get your down payment faster, or even rent to own.
  • Get over 1.4 million families into new homes.
  • Crack down on predatory practices.

We’ll ask the largest financial institutions to do more to help Canadians become homeowners and help Canada recover.

We’ll raise the corporate income tax rates of Canada’s largest and most profitable financial institutions to help you afford a home. We’ll also ask them to pitch in over the next four years through the Canada Recovery Dividend, so that everyone gets a fair share of the profits financial institutions gained while Canadians tightened their belts and saved through the pandemic.

We have to rebuild a better, fairer Canada – one that works for everyone.

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