Liberals move forward to improve mental health care for Canadians

August 31, 2021

Mental health is health.

Half of Canadians say their mental health worsened throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and it’s clear that we need better mental health services to ensure we recover from the pandemic in a way that is fair and inclusive for everyone.

A re-elected Liberal government will support better, more accessible mental health care for all Canadians.

Working with the provinces and territories, we’ll help deliver high-quality, accessible, and free mental health services across the country by providing stable, permanent funding through a new Canada Mental Health Transfer.

We’ll also ensure all Canadians have access to mental health crisis and suicide prevention services through a national three-digit hotline, and support students on campus by hiring 1,200 new counsellors.

And because we’ve seen the line between work and home become even more blurred throughout the pandemic, we’ll work with federally-regulated employers and labour groups to co-develop a new policy to support the right to disconnect for workers.

We’ll move forward with better and more accessible mental health and wellness services — for everyone.

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