More Accessible Child Care for Families

September 16, 2019

Kids are heading back to school this month. But for many families with children in elementary school, finding a spot in a before and after-school program is difficult and expensive.

You shouldn’t have to choose between making ends meet and caring for your kids. That’s why we’re going to make before and after-school care more accessible and affordable.

We’ve already created thousands of new pre-school child care spaces and now we’re going to create up to 250,000 more for kids under 10. And if you work overtime, late shifts, or multiple jobs you’ll also be able to get the help you need because a portion of these new spaces will provide more care around the clock.

As for the fees, we’re going to lower them by 10% across the board. If you’re a family of four with two kids in Ontario, that’ll put more than $800 back in your pocket every year. 

Between balancing work and family life, you’ve got a lot on your plate. We’re going to make life easier for you by making sure you have access to high quality, affordable child care solutions. 

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