A More Effective Public Service

We will work with our professional public servants to deliver better service to Canadians.

Canada’s professional public service is one of the best in the world and works hard to deliver the programs and services people rely on. It needs the right resources and the right people to continue to serve Canadians well.

To ensure the best possible service, we will move forward with:

  • Entirely eliminating the backlog of outstanding pay issues for public servants as a result of the Phoenix pay system, so that they can focus on their work and not on resolving long-standing payroll problems;
  • Reducing the time it takes to hire new public servants, with the goal of cutting in half the average time from ten to five months;
  • Improving project management capabilities, so that all major projects in government are led by a certified professional with at least five years of experience; and
  • Reducing the number of significant deficiencies identified by the Auditor General in subsequent follow-up audits of a department or program.