A Responsible Approach to Security

We will continue to support our Canadian Armed Forces members and defend Canada’s interests with stronger oversight and responsible investments.

Canada’s Armed Forces help keep Canada – and the world – safe and secure.

To build on the important contributions our Armed Forces members have made to critical missions around the world, we will move forward with expanding Canada’s role in multilateral organizations – like the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the United Nations – and will make sure that our Armed Forces have everything they need to continue to do their job well.

In Canada’s north, we will continue to move forward toward a future where northern and Arctic people are thriving, strong, and safe. We will work closely with our partners through the Arctic and Northern Policy Framework to make this a reality, and to protect Canada’s rights and sovereignty in the Arctic, and to strengthen continental defence, we will move forward with better-developed surveillance and rapid-response capabilities. We will also provide international leadership on the rules governing the use and navigation of Arctic waters.

Canada’s security also rests on the good use of defence intelligence – the information that informs and supports military operations.

To ensure that this information is handled responsibly, we will move forward with a new framework governing how Canada gathers, manages, and uses defence intelligence, as recommended by the National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians.

And to ensure that Canada’s biggest and most complex defence procurement projects are delivered on time and with greater transparency to Parliament, we will move forward with the creation of Defence Procurement Canada.