Child Disability Benefit

We will double support to parents who care for special needs kids.

$2,800 increase in support for children with disabilitiesParents who care for their special needs children go the extra mile every day. They take care of their kids’ physical, emotional, and education needs;they advocate to get the care and services their kids need to be healthy and happy; they often work multiple jobs to pay for expensive services; and they never stop worrying about what other challenges the future might bring. These hard-working parents deserve our respect – and need our help.

We will move forward with more help for the family caregivers by immediately doubling the Child Disability Benefit. This tax-free monthly benefit helps children whose impairment is severe, and prolonged by certain conditions such as learning and speech disabilities, psychological disorders, and autism spectrum disorder, among others. We Also recognize that there is more to do to improve how children and families access this benefit. We will work closely with families and experts as the benefit is increased, to ensure children get the help they need.

This increased benefit would give families of a child with a disability more than $2,800 in extra help,right away, with up to $5,664 in total financial support available each year – giving more than 150,000 children and their families more money to help with the costs of care.