Drug Use and Addiction

We will make it easier for people to get the help they need, with better access to treatment.

Thousands of people in Canada die from overdoses related to drug use. Last year, more than 4,400 of those deaths were from opioid use alone, and methamphetamine addiction is also on the rise. The opioid crisis is the greatest public health emergency since the AIDS epidemic, and could lead to a decrease in Canadians’ life expectancies for the first time in modern history.

To help more people access the addiction treatment services they need, we will move forward with new investments that help provinces and territories expand community-based services, build more in-patient rehab beds, and scale up the most effective programs – such as extending hours for InSite and other safe consumption sites.

We will also make drug treatment court the default option for first-time non-violent offenders charged exclusively with simple possession, to help drug users get quick access to treatment, and to prevent more serious crimes.