Equality at Work

We will improve equality in Canada’s job market.

Our economy is strong and growing, with more than a million new jobs created since we came into office. While that is good news for people looking for work, it’s little comfort to anyone who finds good opportunities out of reach because of their gender, race, ability, or other intersectional identity factors.

To help more visible minority newcomer women find and keep a good job, we will build on the research, support and employment projects announced earlier this year, and move forward with an additional $9 million investment over three years.

To ensure that racialized and Indigenous young people face fewer barriers at the beginning of their working lives, we will both enhance the Youth Employment Strategy and ensure that the upcoming State of Youth reports take an intersectional approach that includes race.

We will also work with economic development, agricultural and trade organizations to ensure that underrepresented communities are better served and more informed about the programs and services that can help them find and keep good, middle class jobs.

And we will provide funding to the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research so that they can create academic research grants for studies on race, diversity and gender in Canada.