Fighting Racism in Canada

We will do more to fight racism and discrimination in Canada.

Addressing racism and discrimination is important to Canadians, because our country’s diversity is a source of strength. At the same time, Canada is not immune to racism. Systemic racism and discrimination can affect the way people are hired or promoted, the kinds of service they receive, or how they interact with institutions like schools and courtrooms.

To address systemic discrimination and unconscious biases, we introduced the new Anti-Racism Strategy. The Strategy will help build awareness of the historical roots of racism, and empower communities to draw on their lived experiences as we work together to build a more accepting and equal country.

To continue this important work, we will move forward to:

  • strengthen the Anti-Racism Strategy and double its funding;
  • boost funding for community-led initiatives to promote inclusion and combat racism; and
  • improve the quality and amount of data collection Statistics Canada does regarding hate crimes in Canada, to help create effective and evidence-based policies to counteract these crimes.