Free Trade Within Canada

We will take bold steps to make free trade within Canada a reality.

Across Canada, the livelihoods of millions of workers depend on the good trade deals we have negotiated with our trading partners. And while Canada is a leader when it comes to international trade – we are the only G7 country to have free trade agreements with all other G7 nations – there is still more work to be done to make sure people benefit from greater trade right here at home.

Building on 2017’s Canadian Free Trade Agreement and more recent efforts to break down the barriers that limit trade between provinces and territories, we will move forward with new collaborative rules to streamline trade by promoting mutual recognition of standards from coast to coast to coast. This could mean, for example, that a professional who is licensed in one province is more easily able to work or practice in another.

We will actively assert federal jurisdiction where needed, to help move forward with free trade within Canada, and will create a Canada Free Trade Tribunal to hear, investigate, and help resolve cases where domestic trade barriers may exist.