Guaranteed Training for Apprentice

We will help Red Seal apprentices get the work experience they need to finish their certification and find good, well-paying jobs.

People in the skilled trades are a vital part of our economy – helping to build our homes, feed our families, and keep our communities powered and moving – but too often, apprentices miss out on good jobs because they can’t get the job experience they need to complete their training on time.

Today, only one out of five Red Seal apprentices is able to complete their certification on time, with the lack of stable jobs cited as the most common reason. This is true even for trades where workers typically earn more than $100,000 per year.

To give apprentices more certainty and more opportunities to gain work experience, we will move forward with creating the Canadian Apprenticeship Service, in partnership with provinces, territories,employers, and unions. With this new help, apprentices who enter the Red Seal trades can be more confident about the future, knowing that jobs will be available when they need them.

To support this effort, we will work with our partners to create more opportunities, providing up to $10,000 per apprentice, over four years, for every new position created. This investment will help 12,500 more apprentices finish their training on time.

We will also lead by example – directly hiring upto an additional 250 apprentices each year, requiring that government suppliers participate in the Canadian Apprenticeship Service, and requiring that federal construction contracts meet targets for greater inclusion of women in the trades.