Help For Canadian Businesses To Export And Grow

We will seek out more opportunities for exporting companies to succeed, grow, and create more good job.

As the only G7 country with free trade agreements with all other G7 nations, and with comprehensive trade deals that give our businesses access to billions of customers around the world, Canada is uniquely positioned to help our businesses succeed and grow.

To help create more opportunities and more good jobs, we will move forward with new investments to promote Canada’s global brand and make sure that our companies have the support they need to break into new markets.

We will also look for opportunities for increased collaboration between our talented scientists, researchers, and innovators and those in other G7 countries and advanced economies.

And to make sure that Canadian exporters have the help they need when they need it, we will give Canadian companies facing commercial or trade disputes abroad immediate, on-the-ground help through a Canada Commercial Consular Service.