Help to Find and Keep a Good Job

We will continue to help all workers get the skills they need to succeed.

For generations, middle class Canadians and those working hard to join them could be assured that with a good job came a good quality of life. Families Were able to pay their bills, save for their retirement, and set aside money for their kids’ education.

Today, the evolving nature of work means that people may change jobs many times over the course of their working lives, presenting workers with a new challenge: how to get the training they need to keep their existing jobs, or prepare for a new one.

To help give people the time and money they need to keep their skills relevant and in-demand, we will move forward with the Canada Training Benefit, which gives workers money to help pay for training, provides income support during training, and will also offer job protection so that workers can take the time they need for training, knowing they will have a job to come back to when their training is done.