Help When People Need It Most

We will give more help to long-term workers who are laid off.

Canadians work hard every day – supporting their families and keeping our economy strong and growing. When people unexpectedly find themselves out of work because of a business closure, they shouldn’t struggle to get the support they need.

To help workers transition to a new job following the loss of long-term work, we will move forward with a Career Insurance Benefit. This benefit will be available to people who have worked continuously for the same employer for five or more years andare laid off when the business closes.

The Career Insurance Benefit will kick in after Employment Insurance ends, providing an additional 20 percent of insured earnings in the first year following the layoff, and an extra 10 percent in the second year. This will give workers up to an additional $15,900 over two years, providing significant new help at a difficult time.

Unlike other Employment Insurance Benefits, the Career Insurance Benefit won’t be “clawed back” if other income is earned. It is guaranteed help that will give workers greater peace of mind, make it possible for workers to go back to school, or help pay the bills when money is tight.