Lower Costs, Less Red Tape

We will lower costs and cut red tape for small business owners.

Canada’s small businesses create good jobs, support vibrant communities, and help keep our economy moving forward. That’s why we lowered their taxes and it’s why we will continue to make sure that our small and medium-sized businesses have the support they need to succeed, by:

  • cutting the cost of federal incorporation by 75 per cent, to $50 from $200
  • eliminating all fees from the Business Development Bank of Canada, Export Development Canada, and Farm Credit Canada, for business advisory services like mentorship and training
  • eliminating the “swipe fee” on HST and GST for credit transactions – which will save businesses nearly $500 million a year in fees, according to the Canadian Federation of Independent Business;
  • implementing a voluntary, real-time e-payroll system to automate records of employment so that small businesses no longer have to submit detailed records to Service Canada; and
  • giving $250 to every new business looking to expand their online services