More Accessible and Affordable Child Care

We will make before and after school child care more accessible and affordable for families.

up to 250,000 spaces before and after school Parents work hard to support their families and give their kids a good start in life, but as working parents know, the need for good, affordable childcare doesn’t stop when a child goes to school. For Many families, before and after school care can be difficult to find and expensive to use. This is especially true for parents who work irregular hours dueto things like overtime, late shifts, or multiple jobs.

Andrew Scheer’s idea of helping families is to give tax cuts to those who attend private schools.Canadian families need high quality, affordable childcare solutions, not tax breaks for the wealthy at everyone else’s expense.

We’ve already created tens of thousands of new pre-school child care spaces, and will move forward with creating up to 250,000 more before and after school spaces for kids under 10, with at least 10 percent of these new spaces set aside for care during extended hours.

To help families with the high cost of care, we will also lower child care fees for before and after school programs by 10 per cent across the board.

More than a million families will benefit from these lower fees. For an Ontario family of four with two kids, it will mean about $800 back in their pockets,every year.

We will also move forward with more support for our early childhood educators, to ensure that across the country, they are better paid and trained to take care of our kids. This means lower tuition costs for people getting their early childhood education degree, and extra help to cover the costs for early childhood educators seeking further training.

And to ensure that every parent – no matter where they live – has access to quality, affordable childcare, we will work with provinces and territories to create a national secretariat that will lay the groundwork for a pan-Canadian child care system.