More Money, Tax Free

We will help Canadians keep more of what they earn.

$600 per year average family savingsFour years ago, we gave Canadians the tax break they deserve – putting hundreds of dollars back into the pockets of the middle class by cutting their taxes and asking the wealthiest percent of Canadians to pay a little more.

We invested in Canadians over these past four years, and in turn they invested in their communities – creating more than a million new jobs, and driving Canada’s unemployment and poverty rates to record lows.

To move forward with more help for the middle class and people working hard to join it,we will make sure that people don’t pay federal taxes on the first $15,000 they earn. This will save the average family nearly $600 a year.

It will also mean that about 700,000 more Canadians, including seniors and young people starting their careers, will pay no federal tax at all, lifting nearly 40,000 more people out of poverty.

While Andrew Scheer’s tax plan would give more to wealthy Canadians, our plan lowers taxes the most for people who make less, helps the middle class, and ensures that the wealthy don’t get an extra hand up. Our tax cut would also help lift twice as many Canadians out of poverty than the Conservative plan would.

The Liberal Plan The Conservative Plan
Number of new low-income taxpayers who will not pay federal income tax under each plan 693,400 64,400
Number of people who will be lifted out of poverty 60,600(1) 19,200
Who will benefit the most? Middle class Canadians Higher income Canadians
Old Age Security increase for seniors Up to $729 when you turn 75
Enhanced survivor’s benefit for seniors Up to $2,080 more each year
Increased Canada Child Benefit Up to $1,000 more for kids under the age of one
Tax-free maternity and parental benefits upfront on your cheque Yes
Lower fees for child care 10% lower fees for before and after school care spaces
Lower cell phone bills 25% lower cell and wireless bills
Increased Canada Student Grants for post-secondary students Up to $1,200 more each year

(1) Includes tax cut and OAS increase.