More Stability For Farmers And Their Families

We will expand support for farmers facing major environmental and business risks.

Across Canada, hard-working farmers and their families help to grow the food that keeps people healthy and keeps our economy strong and growing.

At the same time, because of the dramatic cuts Stephen Harper made to Canada’s business risk management programs, many are in a weaker position today – unable to manage the serious losses in income that can happen when commodity prices fall unexpectedly, when climate-related floods or droughts strike, or when a major market downturn occurs.

To ensure that farmers have access to the help they need when they need it, we will move forward with a collaborative review of Canada’s business risk management programs, with a special focus on Agri-Stability, and are prepared to increase federal support to farmers to help them manage risks beyond their control.

We will also continue to work with farmers on tax measures to facilitate the intergenerational transfer of farms, making it easier for farmers to transfer or sell family farms to family members or others.