Nation-Building Infrastructure

We will establish a National Infrastructure Fund to support projects that benefit all Canadians.

From the Canadian Pacific Railway to the St. Lawrence Seaway to the Trans-Canada Highway, the big projects that helped to build our country have always needed the vision and leadership of government. While the need for significant national infrastructure continues, there exists no permanent mechanism through which the federal government can play a national coordinating role.

To fill this gap, we will move forward with creating a National Infrastructure Fund. The Fund will seek out and support major nation-building projects that will benefit people across various regions, connect our country, and help improve the quality of life and standard of living of Canadians in significant and long-lasting ways.

We will begin right away by supporting projects like the Newfoundland-Labrador fixed transportation link, which will give people living on the island of Newfoundland a permanent and secure way to travel to and from mainland Canada, while helping to make things like food and household goods more affordable.

Further projects will be identified as the National Infrastructure Fund is established.