Parliamentary Reform

We will give people a greater voice in Parliament, by improving the way that Parliament works.

In the last four years, the changes we have brought to Parliament – from Senate reform to more free votes to regular Prime Minister’s Question Periods – have made Parliament more effective and more accountable to Canadians. But there is still more work to do.

To ensure that Parliament better reflects the people it serves, we will move forward with additional reforms, including:

  • allocating more time for Private Members’ Business to be debated and voted on in Parliament;
  • working with Parliament to introduce new technology or other institutional changes to better connect Members with their constituents;
  • eliminating the use of whip and party lists to give the Speaker greater freedom in calling on Members who wish to speak; and
  • providing more resources to parliamentary committees so that they have the staff and research they need to deliver meaningful policy recommendations.

We will also continue to move forward with the new, non-partisan, and merit-based Senate appointment process, and will update the Parliament of Canada Act to reflect the Senate’s new, non-partisan role.