Privacy and Data Protection

We will protect consumers’ rights online, and bring forward new regulations for large digital companies.

Today, a limited number of very large companies hold an extraordinary amount of personal data about Canadians. This can help to make things like online shopping and connecting with family and friends easier and more convenient, but the lack of regulation for online platforms like Facebook and Google – as well as companies that possess large amounts of data, like banks and credit card companies – also means that people have less control over their own personal information.

To make sure that people can exercise more control over their online lives and the use of their personal data, we will move forward with Canada’s Digital Charter. Overseen and enforced by a more powerful Privacy Commissioner, the Charter will establish a new set of online rights, to help people feel more confident about and in control of their personal data, including the right to:

  • data portability, so that people can take their data from platform to platform;
  • withdraw, remove, and erase basic personal data from a platform;
  • know how personal data is being used, including knowing who has access to it, supported by a national advertising registry where companies would have to report with whom your data is being shared or sold, with the ability to withdraw consent at any time;
  • review and challenge the amount of personal data that a company or government has collected;
  • data security, compelling those who use personal data to take proactive steps to adequately protect it;
  • be informed when personal data is breached, and to be compensated accordingly; and
  • be free from discrimination online, including bias and harassment.

To better protect people’s personal data and to encourage greater competition in the digital marketplace, we will also move forward with new regulations for large digital companies, overseen by a newly-created Data Commissioner.