Travel for Northerners

We will make life more affordable for people living in Canada’s North.

Whether for school, medical appointments, or to visit with family, people who call Canada’s North home need to travel – but the high cost of airfare can make it unaffordable for many. The current Northern Residents Deduction only allows people who already receive travel benefits through work to deduct travel costs, with no help for people whose work doesn’t help cover those costs.

To make travel more affordable for everyone in the North, we will move forward with improvements to the Northern Resident Deduction, giving people living in the Northern Zone at least $1,200 in deductible travel costs, with $600 in deductible travel costs for people in the Intermediate Zone.

To make sure that these savings are not simply passed on to airlines and other transportation companies, we will direct the Competition Bureau to oversee the pricing of transportation in the North, and will review the communities covered by these zones to ensure that Northerners in all parts of the country get the help they need to make life affordable.