Scheer will Cut Support for Veterans, just like Harper Did

September 22, 2019

Charlottetown, PE – Wayne Easter, Liberal candidate for Malpeque, issued the following statement:

“The Conservative Party says they respect Canada’s veterans, but they have a record of cutting service and support for veterans.

“Stephen Harper surprised veterans across Canada when he closed 9 veterans offices, including in PEI. It resulted in 89 front line workers losing their jobs. It left veterans frustrated and without the link they needed to answer questions about their pensions, health care and connect them with vital services they need. In doing so, the Conservatives chose to balance the budget on the backs of veterans. Now, Andrew Scheer is promising cuts on a five-year timeline to balance the budget and to achieve this, he will need to make billions in cuts.

“Closing those offices was wrong. Liberals promised to reopen those offices and we did. We hired back the staff that had been fired by the Harper Conservatives and made restoring access to critical services a priority. Today, veterans in PEI and across Canada have better support for their needs. We also opened a Centre of Excellence for PTSD research to better understand Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome and the devastating impacts it has on veterans and their families. Providing better service to veterans is what they deserve, after they served us so bravely.”