Thanksgiving – Statement by the Leader of the Liberal Party

October 13, 2019

The Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, Justin Trudeau, today issued the following statement on Thanksgiving:

“Happy Thanksgiving!

Life can be hectic for all of us. And whether you’re holding it down in the kitchen or getting outside with the family, Thanksgiving is about slowing down and appreciating what really matters – like family, and friends we haven’t seen in a long time, but we pick right back up where we left off.

Thanksgiving is a chance to say thank you to the people who make a difference – whether it’s the service members who keep us safe, or our neighbour a few doors down who keeps the driveways plowed.

No one’s worried about the little things when there’s pumpkin pie to focus on. And what brings us together is so much bigger than what pulls us apart – from Canadian values, to universal health care, to the start of the hockey season. Wherever we are, being together is what counts.

We have a whole lot to be grateful for. After all, Canada’s home. We’ve got to take care of it. And that’s exactly what our team is going to do – whether it’s fighting climate change, supporting families, or putting more money in the pockets of the middle class.

On October 21st, the choice could not be more clear. So let’s do what Canadians always do. Let’s pull together and move forward.

From our family to yours, have a great Thanksgiving.”