We Made History Together

March 8, 2019

I first got involved with the Outremont riding association many years ago to bring forward our vision of a more inclusive, sustainable, and progressive Canada. Soon after, I became National Legal Adviser for the party – and a Team Trudeau candidate in 2015. Now, I’ll be joining the Liberal team in Ottawa to continue on that mission as a new Member of Parliament.

With hope, hard work, and an incredible team of volunteers, we earned the trust of our community and flipped Outremont red for the first time in a decade. We made history together, too – with Liberals electing more women in a single mandate of by-elections than any party ever has before.

Every day, more women are taking on leadership roles in our democracy. During the campaign, I had the opportunity to meet so many inspiring women, some working as innovators at the forefront of their industries, others pushing the boundaries of their fields, bettering their communities, and taking on roles that women didn’t have the opportunity to take on in previous generations.

Hard work pays off in Canada. Dedication makes a difference. And no matter the roadblocks, if you never give up, this country will help you make something of yourself.

That’s the kind of Canada I believe in, and that’s why I am proud to be part of the Liberal team. This team is working hard to empower Canadian women by allowing parents to share parental leave more equally, with a new Parental Sharing Benefit which supports women at home and in the workplace. We’re taking real action to end the gender wage gap, and support the leadership of women in Canada’s economy. And we are investing to create more opportunities for women in STEM fields – where women are changing the game, creating jobs, and building a more innovative future for all of us.

Together, we must continue to push for progress, because when women succeed, everyone benefits.

By supporting the next generation of women leaders, entrepreneurs, and creators, we lift up families, communities and economies – and to keep moving forward with our progress, we definitely need to keep electing more women to Parliament, too.

That’s why the Liberal team supports Liberal women seeking office and their campaigns with the specially-dedicated Judy LaMarsh Fund, with the next election now less than eight months away, we’re counting on you to help invest in it.

Support the Judy LaMarsh Fund by chipping in now and help elect more women to Parliament this fall!

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Rachel Bendayan

MP-elect, Outremont