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Days of Action

  • July 27-28, 2024
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We’re inviting you to take part in our next National Day of Action, on July 27-28, from the comfort and safety of your home!

The Team Trudeau Field Program is about bringing together people from across our communities to build a better Canada. Our Days of Action allow us to continue growing our movement by engaging volunteers and speaking with more Canadians in their community.

What is a Day of Action?

Days of Action are an important opportunity to connect with Canadians, meet with volunteers, and lay the strong foundation needed to support our movement in your riding. On the doorstep, on the phone, or at community events  — we’re engaging more Canadians in important conversations about our progress to build a better future.

Why do we do them?

We need to continue to build on our momentum — and by participating in Days of Action, teams are learning, growing, and making a real difference in their communities. With your help, we’re bringing together volunteers, Registered Liberals, and other leaders to grow our movement in your community and in every part of the country!


On the road to Election Day 2021, tens of thousands Liberal volunteers made over 18 million knocks and calls to start new conversations with Canadians, and that hope and hard work made it possible to re-elect our Liberal government and keep Canada moving forward.

Want to find other events near you? Check out what’s next in your community!
Email us at field-terrain@liberal.ca