Justin Trudeau addresses the Liberal caucus.

Fairness For Every Generation

Budget 2024 is delivering a bold plan to deliver fairness for every generation.

Justin Trudeau: Remarks to supporters and Caucus

Justin Trudeau delivers remarks in Ottawa to the Liberal caucus and supporters about the important work ahead to build on our process.

Chrystia Freeland: 2023 Fall Economic Statement

Our 2023 Fall Economic Statement is a strong plan to build more homes, make life more affordable, and grow an economy that works for everyone.

One Year of Pierre Poilievre

Pierre Poilievre is only focused on rolling back our progress and importing far-right American-style politics.

#LIB2023: Day 2

Watch some of the highlights from Day 2 of our 2023 Liberal National Convention!

#LIB2023: Day 1

Watch some of the highlights from Day 1 of our 2023 Liberal National Convention!

Justin Trudeau & Joe Biden: Remarks to Parliament

Today, Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden addressed the House of Commons about the crucial work to build a better future.

Canadians need real leadership, not Pierre Poilievre’s reckless and divisive ideas

Pierre Poilievre’s advice put Canadians’ savings at risk. What would his reckless policies do to our economy?