One Year of Pierre Poilievre

Pierre Poilievre is only focused on rolling back our progress and importing far-right American-style politics.

#LIB2023: Day 2

Watch some of the highlights from Day 2 of our 2023 Liberal National Convention!

#LIB2023: Day 1

Watch some of the highlights from Day 1 of our 2023 Liberal National Convention!

Justin Trudeau & Joe Biden: Remarks to Parliament

Today, Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden addressed the House of Commons about the crucial work to build a better future.

Canadians need real leadership, not Pierre Poilievre’s reckless and divisive ideas

Pierre Poilievre’s advice put Canadians’ savings at risk. What would his reckless policies do to our economy?

Justin Trudeau: Canada isn’t broken

Canada isn’t broken. And while Pierre Poilievre is talking Canada down, we’re building it up.

This Is Your Movement

Liberal volunteers are at the heart of this movement, connecting with Canadians in their communities about the priorities that matter most to you.

Justin Trudeau: Tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

In the House of Commons, Justin Trudeau paid tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Her service to Canada and Canadians will forever remain an important part of our country’s history.

Justin Trudeau: Remarks to Canadians

Justin Trudeau addressed our Liberal Caucus and all Canadians about the work we must do to continue making life more affordable, creating jobs, building more homes, growing the middle class, fighting climate change, and ensuring our communities are safe.