2021 In Review

We’ve made real progress to keep Canadians safe and supported, and to keep Canada moving forward.

Forward. For Everyone.

Let's finish the fight against COVID-19, and build a better future. Let's keep Canada moving forward. For everyone.

Real Plan

Climate change is real, and we’ve got a real plan to fight it.

Forward. Now.

Now is the time to decide where we go from here — forward or backward. We’re ready to move forward.

First Home

Our plan will crack down on predatory practices. We’ll help you get your down payment faster, or even rent to own. And we’ll get well over 1.4 million families into new homes.

Back to Normal

We need leadership to get us through this crisis and get the job done on vaccines, and only Justin Trudeau and a Liberal government will work with the premiers to get the job done on vaccines so we can build a better Canada.

Pull Together

Canadians need a government with a clear path forward for everyone, because finishing the fight against this virus and creating lasting change can’t wait. Justin Trudeau and the Liberal team are the only ones with a plan that will leave no one behind and move forward — for everyone.


"In Canada, we have each other’s backs. We pull together to make things better—and leave no one behind. That’s the Canada I know, and the Canada I fight for each and every day. So let’s think even bigger, Canada. Let’s be relentless, and let's keep moving forward — for everyone."

Apologizing for the internment of Italian Canadians

On May 27, 2021, Justin Trudeau issued an official apology on behalf of the Government of Canada for the internment of Italian-Canadians during the Second World War.