Justin Trudeau: Remarks to Canadians

Justin Trudeau addressed our Liberal Caucus and all Canadians about the work we must do to continue making life more affordable, creating jobs, building more homes, growing the middle class, fighting climate change, and ensuring our communities are safe.

Delivering results for Canadians

Last fall, our Liberal team earned another mandate from Canadians -- and together, we're delivering real results and moving Canada forward, for everyone.

Justin Trudeau: Introduction of President Zelenskyy

Justin Trudeau’s introduction of President Zelenskyy in the House of Commons.

Justin Trudeau’s address to Parliament on the situation in Ottawa

Canadians chose vaccines. They chose science. They chose to protect one another. Canadians know that is how we get back to the things we love.

2021 In Review

We’ve made real progress to keep Canadians safe and supported, and to keep Canada moving forward.

Forward. For Everyone.

Let's finish the fight against COVID-19, and build a better future. Let's keep Canada moving forward. For everyone.

Real Plan

Climate change is real, and we’ve got a real plan to fight it.

Forward. Now.

Now is the time to decide where we go from here — forward or backward. We’re ready to move forward.

First Home

Our plan will crack down on predatory practices. We’ll help you get your down payment faster, or even rent to own. And we’ll get well over 1.4 million families into new homes.