Tareq Hadhad

Keynote by Tareq Hadhad, Founder of Peace by Chocolate, at the 2018 Liberal National Convention in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Progress for the Middle Class: 29 Steps Forward

Over the past year, the Liberal government has made important progress to help the middle class and every family working hard to join it. Take a look at some of the steps we’ve taken together.

Budget 2018 + Canada Workers Benefit

What is #YourBudget2018 doing for low income workers? Introducing the new Canada Workers Benefit - helping more Canadians make ends meet.

Budget 2018 + Innovation

What is #YourBudget2018 doing for science and innovation in Canada? Making historic investments in fundamental research, for one!

Pat Finnigan and Serge Cormier

In preparing for #Lib2018, we had some questions about the East Coast… luckily Pat Finnigan and Serge Cormier, Député/M.P. are here to give us the scoop! Will we see you in Halifax?

Gudie Hutchings and Andy Fillmore

What’s one thing everyone should bring to the East Coast? What’s the best place to find donair in Halifax? See Gudie Hutchings and Andy Fillmore’s answers and come to #Lib2018 prepared!

Halifax Registration 2018

#Lib2018 Registration is OPEN! Get your pass for the 2018 Liberal National Convention now.

Positive Politics

Politics of division make us weak, not strong. Now more than ever, we need leadership that works hard to bring Canadians together.

Budget 2017 for Mothers

This Mother’s Day, we’re celebrating all mothers! With Budget 2017, the Liberal government continues to work hard to make life better and more fair for moms and middle class families.