Policy Resolution 100

100. Priority Resolution: Creating a Basic Annual Income to be Designed and Implemented for a Fair Economy

WHEREAS changes to the seasonal workers benefits under Employment Insurance are no longer assured as provinces find their social assistance funds stretched to the limit as they cope with hunger, housing and security;

WHEREAS many children, seniors and individuals with disabilities also face income insecurity across the country;

WHEREAS pension security is at risk;

WHEREAS the federal government has not kept pace with local needs;

WHEREAS many explicit and invisible signs of income insecurity exist in Canadian rural and urban settings, both presenting unique circumstances in the Provinces and Territories;

WHEREAS Provinces and Territories require greater flexibility in designing and administering programs which specifically fit their respective jurisdictions;

BE IT RESOLVED that a Federal Liberal Government work with the provinces and territories to design and implement a Basic Annual Income in such a way that differences are taken into consideration under the existing Canada Social Transfer System.

Liberal Party of Canada (Prince Edward Island)