Policy Resolution 159

159: Priority Resolution: Fracking

WHEREAS fracking continues to occur throughout our country with each proposal creating controversy where many of the same issues are brought forward without resolution;

WHEREAS the fracking discourse is rarely grounded in factual or objective assessment, and many members of the public believe that a situation has developed where an entire industry has been given special consideration when it comes to secretly contaminating Canada’s freshwater supply;

WHEREAS the chemicals used are not assessed due to arguments of proprietary or trade secrets;

WHEREAS residents in the Northwest Territories have the right to know what the best practices are and what the industry is allowed to put in the ground to assist with the shale gas production;

WHEREAS residents in the Northwest Territories have the right to protect the environment and the public trust;

WHEREAS decision makers throughout the entire country at all levels must be able to take economic, social and environmental considerations into account in order to support economic development and the environment for future generations;

BE IT RESOLVED that the Liberal Party of Canada propose a National Environmental Assessment of Fracking that will:

  • optimize positive environmental effects and minimize or mitigate negative environmental effects;
  • consider potential cumulative environmental effects;
  • implement a Sustainable Development Strategy;
  • save time and money by drawing attention to potential liabilities for environmental clean-up and other unforeseen concerns;
  • streamline project-level environmental assessment;
  • promote accountability and credibility among the general public and stakeholders; and
  • contribute to broader environmental policy commitments and obligations.

Liberal Party of Canada (Northwest Territories)