Policy Resolution 6

6. Climate Change Action

WHEREAS an overwhelming scientific consensus confirms that the Earth’s climate system is unequivocally warming as a result of human activities that increase atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases;

WHEREAS the resulting climate change has well-documented severe environmental, economic and social costs, and already contributes to 400,000 deaths a year globally;

WHEREAS environmental protection and economic growth are not mutually exclusive;

BE IT RESOLVED that Canada urgently create a national environmental strategy that embraces scientific evidence and accepts the reality of human-caused climate change, champions mandatory international agreements to keep the Earth’s atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations below the level that would increase global temperatures by 2 degrees Celsius, sets firm annual targets for Canada’s fair share of emission reductions, takes appropriate action to ensure they are met and publishes independently-validated annual progress reports;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this strategy be comprehensive and developed in consultation with all levels of government and other stakeholders and place a realistic and fair price on carbon while supporting regulatory and innovative approaches to sustainable development;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that these strategies be evidence-based and support the investments needed to make them economically advantageous to implement;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that these strategies include investment in research and development into ways to reduce costs of green energy technologies.


Liberal Party of Canada (Ontario)