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Pricing Carbon Pollution

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“We are standing at the threshold of an incredible opportunity to build a strong and clean economy, one that will protect our environment and create opportunities for middle class families today and in the generations to come.”
Catherine McKenna
Minister of Environment and Climate Change

A sustainable, clean growth economy is necessary for our collective health and prosperity – both for today’s families, and for future generations.

That’s why Justin Trudeau and the Liberal government have announced a pan-Canadian approach for pricing carbon pollution. Starting in 2018, provinces and territories will have carbon pricing in place. They will either have a direct price on carbon pollution starting at $10 per tonne, and rising by $10 each year to $50 per tonne in 2022; or, they will have cap-and-trade, with emission cuts in line with both Canada’s target and to the reductions expected in places with a direct price.

It’s a vital step to grow our economy and protect our environment, and will:

  • reduce the pollution that threatens our clean air and oceans, and the health of Canadians
  • give Canada an edge in building a clean-growth economy
  • make Canadian businesses more innovative and competitive
  • develop new and exciting job opportunities for middle class Canadians

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