Who We Are

The Liberal Party of Canada (Ontario) supports Justin Trudeau and the Liberal team in our organizing and engagement throughout Ontario, and our 121 Liberal Electoral District Associations (EDAs).

The LPC(O) Board of Directors is a group of dedicated volunteers supporting the Liberal Party’s vital democratic engagement work with our supporters and Registered Liberals across the province to ensure that we continue growing an open, inclusive, and innovative political movement.

The LPC(O) Board is responsible for implementing an election readiness program in Ontario. The board also carries out policy consultation and development, as well as hosts conventions and other special events. If you are interested in getting more involved in the Liberal Party of Canada (Ontario), sign up to volunteer!

Contact Us

Liberal Party of Canada (Ontario)
503-55 Eglinton Ave E
M4P 1G8

Phone: (416) 921-2844
Email: ontario@liberal.ca

Connect With Us

Provincial Board of Directors

Chair Geoff Carpenter
Vice-Chair Hardam Mangat
Secretary Danielle Moriarty
Policy Chair Jon Wiseman
Organization Chair Qasir Hanif
Director of Political Operations Mike Rosati
Seniors' Commission Representative Sheila Bryan
Women's Commission Representative Alicia Natividad
Youth Commission Representative Mike Cavanaugh
Indigenous Commission Representative Josy Thomas
Franco-Ontario Representative Philippe Archambault
Peel Regional Chair Pankaj Sandhu
Southwest Regional Chair Ray Won
Northern Regional Chair Marie-Eve Pépin
Eastern Regional Chair Elliott Lockington
Golden Horseshoe Regional Chair Dan Lovell
Central Regional Chair Dillon McGuire
Legal & Constitutional Chair Alasdair Robertson
Toronto Regional Chair Marco Paoli
Rural Representative Gary Martin

Scheduled EDA Meetings

This is an exciting time to be involved in the Liberal Party of Canada. As we work together to support Justin Trudeau and the Liberal government’s progress to invest in the middle class, fight climate change, and keep our communities safe, we need your hope and hard work to continue building a better future for all Canadians.

General Meetings for your local Liberal Electoral District Association (EDA) give us all an exciting chance to build up our team for the year ahead.

Table Officers and Directors will be chosen by you, and fellow Liberals in your area. In order to vote, individuals must be registered as a Liberal by no later than 7 days before your EDA General Meeting.

Become a Registered Liberal -- It's free!

If you would like to hold a position on the EDA board of directors, you must submit your intent to stand to the National Returning Officer by no later than 14 days before your EDA General Meeting.

EDA Oshawa
Meeting Oshawa General Meeting
Date (yyyy-mm-dd) 2021-04-21
EDA Kitchener Centre
Meeting Kitchener Centre General Meeting
Date (yyyy-mm-dd) 2021-04-16
EDA St. Catharines
Meeting St. Catharines General Meeting
Date (yyyy-mm-dd) 2021-04-15
EDA Barrie–Innisfil
Meeting Barrie-Innisfil General Meeting
Date (yyyy-mm-dd) 2021-03-29
EDA Algoma–Manitoulin–Kapuskasing
Meeting Algoma-Manitoulin-Kapuskasing General Meeting
Date (yyyy-mm-dd) 2021-03-28
EDA Scarborough–Guildwood
Meeting Scarborough-Guildwood General Meeting
Date (yyyy-mm-dd) 2021-03-27
EDA Vaughan–Woodbridge
Meeting Vaughan-Woodbridge General Meeting
Date (yyyy-mm-dd) 2021-02-25
EDA Pickering–Uxbridge
Meeting Pickering-Uxbridge General Meeting
Date (yyyy-mm-dd) 2021-02-24
EDA Sault Ste. Marie
Meeting Sault Ste. Marie General Meeting
Date (yyyy-mm-dd) 2021-02-07
EDA Orléans
Meeting Orléans General Meeting
Date (yyyy-mm-dd) 2021-01-31
EDA Milton
Meeting Milton General Meeting
Date (yyyy-mm-dd) 2021-01-20
EDA Burlington
Meeting Burlington General Meeting
Date (yyyy-mm-dd) 2021-01-19
EDA Nipissing–Timiskaming
Meeting Nipissing-Timiskaming General Meeting
Date (yyyy-mm-dd) 2020-12-21
EDA Carleton
Meeting Carleton General Meeting
Date (yyyy-mm-dd) 2020-12-18
EDA Guelph
Meeting Guelph General Meeting
Date (yyyy-mm-dd) 2020-12-14
Electoral District Association PTB Meeting Title Date of Meeting (yyyy-mm-dd)
Oshawa ON Oshawa General Meeting 2021-04-21
Kitchener Centre ON Kitchener Centre General Meeting 2021-04-16
St. Catharines ON St. Catharines General Meeting 2021-04-15
Barrie–Innisfil ON Barrie-Innisfil General Meeting 2021-03-29
Algoma–Manitoulin–Kapuskasing ON Algoma-Manitoulin-Kapuskasing General Meeting 2021-03-28
Scarborough–Guildwood ON Scarborough-Guildwood General Meeting 2021-03-27
Vaughan–Woodbridge ON Vaughan-Woodbridge General Meeting 2021-02-25
Pickering–Uxbridge ON Pickering-Uxbridge General Meeting 2021-02-24
Sault Ste. Marie ON Sault Ste. Marie General Meeting 2021-02-07
Orléans ON Orléans General Meeting 2021-01-31
Milton ON Milton General Meeting 2021-01-20
Burlington ON Burlington General Meeting 2021-01-19
Nipissing–Timiskaming ON Nipissing-Timiskaming General Meeting 2020-12-21
Carleton ON Carleton General Meeting 2020-12-18
Guelph ON Guelph General Meeting 2020-12-14