Our plan to help the middle class


Our plan to help middle class Canadians:
Create jobs. Strengthen the economy. Grow the middle class.

Why we need it
What we’ll do
What you can do

Middle class Canadians are falling behind.

For 10 years, Stephen Harper has been ignoring the people who do most of the heavy lifting in our economy. Middle class Canadians are working longer hours and falling further behind. Canada’s economic success depends on a thriving middle class. That’s why we have a 3 Point Plan to grow the economy and help middle class Canadians.

How we’ll fix it

We’ll ask the wealthiest 1% to pay a bit more so middle class families
can pay less.

Canada Child Benefit

Our plan provides middle class Canadian families more money to help raise their kids.

A Liberal government will send families a tax-free, monthly Canada Child Benefit worth up to $533 a month per child. 9/10 families will get more from the Liberal plan.

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Middle class tax cut

We’re going to give a tax break to middle class Canadians by asking the wealthiest Canadians to pay a little more.

Middle class Canadians could save up to $670 per person each year, with a maximum benefit of nearly $1350 for a couple.

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We need to remember that economic growth is not only about prosperity. It’s about building a country that gives everyone a real and fair chance to succeed. That is what history has taught us, and it’s what our future demands of us.”
Justin Trudeau

What they’re saying

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    “The CCB creates a guaranteed annual income for children, reduces the welfare wall on current benefit plans and simplifies the tax code. What’s not to love?”

    Mike Moffatt Assistant Professor in the Business, Economics and Public Policy (BEPP) group at the Ivey Business School and Fellow at the Lawrence National Centre for Policy and Management.
    May 7, 2015

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    “The Liberals’ proposed Canada Child Benefit (CCB) is a historic advance in income security policy for families. It is a win-win initiative that will fight child poverty and boost the incomes of the middle class.”

    Ken Battle and Sherri TorjmanToronto Star, May 6, 2015

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    “The LPC is committed to cutting the income tax rate for the second tax bracket and introducing the Canada Child Benefit. These proposals would simplify and increase the fairness of the tax system for individuals, which the Conservatives manipulated for partisan gain.”

    La PresseLa Presse, October 7, 2015