Your top 3 questions and answers from our #IWD2016 calls!

Add Women. Change Politics. Phone Bank.TOP 3 QUESTIONS & ANSWERS

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Top 3 questions and answers

1. How do I get involved?

  1. Connect with your local Liberal Member of Parliament or one near you.
  2. Attend a local event or our National Convention in Winnipeg.
  3. Work with your local Liberal team.
  4. The Liberal Party of Canada has a Summer Leadership Program for 2016. This is a full time, paid position with jobs in Ottawa, Vancouver, Toronto, Winnipeg and Montreal.

2. What kind of volunteer opportunities are out there?

Politics is about people and building relationships in their community. There are many opportunities to volunteer with your local MP or on the Liberal Team. It can be as simple as hosting a House Meeting with your friends and family or helping with data management on a campaign. Every community is unique and the first step is to introduce yourself to the local liberal team.

3. Why are you holding this event, are there really not enough women involved in politics?

Research shows us that 50% of women are less likely than men to consider a career in politics. We need to adopt a political atmosphere in our government that represents Canada as it truly is: an equal effort of men and women to help this country prosper. We are reaching out to Canadian women like you to share our experiences of being women in politics to encourage you that yes, we can and will make a difference.

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