Policy Resolution 153

153. Priority Resolution: Funding for Health Care

WHEREAS Canadians value the principles of Medicare, and health care costs have historically and consistently risen at higher rates than CPI;

WHEREAS Provinces differ in their needs for health care funding because of their population’s health, levels of disability and age;

WHEREAS Canada’s ranking in health and health care outcomes lag behind those of many developed countries;

WHEREAS the demands of an ‘acute care’ model are increasingly difficult to fund;

WHEREAS there is a costing crisis imminent to care for an aging population;

WHEREAS the epidemic in obesity and diabetes places an escalating financial burden on our system;

WHEREAS Veterans have fought to preserve our freedom and democracy, and that many of them have job-related health care needs;

BE IT RESOLVED that a Liberal government will maintain a single-payer, publicly-funded health care system, that is fair for all Canadians, through an equitable and adequate funding formula under the Canada Health Act tailored to meet Provincial and Territorial needs;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a Liberal government will take leadership in the development of an effective health and health care system for all Canadians to achieve and maintain health, by creating funding initiatives for:

  • A national model for health promotion;
  • A national strategy and standards for the care of the elderly;
  • A national Pharmacare program;
  • A national strategy and standards for combating obesity and diabetes;
  • Addressing and accommodating the health needs of Veterans.

Liberal Party of Canada (Nova Scotia)