Policy Resolution 162

162. Affordable National Housing Strategy

WHEREAS Canada does not have a long-term national plan for housing;

WHEREAS the LPC at its 2012 convention adopted a priority resolution calling for development of a comprehensive national housing strategy;

WHEREAS access to affordable quality housing is a first step in reducing poverty, hunger and homelessness, especially among vulnerable populations including low income seniors, new immigrants, Aboriginal peoples and persons with disabilities and illness;

WHEREAS affordable housing for young families is an important step to commence a middle income life style with improved health and wellness and which allows children to more fully benefit from the education system;

WHEREAS affordable housing has many different interpretations, any meaningful definition must reflect local community needs ranging from accessible social housing through rental apartments and houses to low-income and middle-income family homes;

BE IT RESOLVED that a national housing commission be struck to work in conjunction with all levels of government and social housing and private sector housing providers to create a national housing action plan that would produce affordable, safe housing for Canadians at all income levels;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the objectives of the national housing action plan be the elimination of waiting lists for affordable housing; the reduction of the cost of housing for middle and lower income earners; and the stabilization of the economy with job-creating investment in housing infrastructure;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this plan will provide sustainable and predictable tax measures to support the development of market rental housing and that governments ensure existing affordable housing and homelessness investments are permanent.

Liberal Party of Canada (Ontario)

Liberal Party of Canada (Prince Edward Island)

Senior Liberals’ Commission