Policy Resolution 29

29. Implementing the Kelowna Accord

WHEREAS a historical meeting took place in Kelowna British Columbia between the provincial and federal government of Canada and representatives of the Indigenous peoples;

WHEREAS the agreements reached in Kelowna became known as ‘The Kelowna Accord;’

WHEREAS The Kelowna Accord heralded a new era of co-operation between Canada and Indigenous peoples;

WHEREAS The Kelowna Accord represented hope for Indigenous peoples that a time had come for a mutual and respectful nation-to-nation relationship;

WHEREAS the Conservative government of Canada scrapped and refused to recognize the agreements of The Kelowna Accord;

WHEREAS The Liberal Party of Canada is desirous of forging a new relationship with the Indigenous nations;

BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Liberal Party of Canada commit to implementing the agreements set out in the Kelowna Accord within its first term as government and dutiful consideration of changes in costs and inflation.

Aboriginal Peoples’ Commission