Policy Resolution 50

50. Priority Resolution: National Energy Strategy

WHEREAS energy production and consumption is vital to Canadians well-being and standard of living;

WHEREAS achieving energy self-sufficiency is possible and valuable;

WHEREAS it is important for Canada to maintain and diversify its markets for energy products and services;

WHEREAS the scientific consensus is that climate change is a serious environmental threat requiring rapid action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions;

BE IT RESOLVED that the Liberal Party of Canada will, in consultation with Canadians, develop and implement a National Energy Strategy that will transition our energy system to a low-carbon system in line with our international commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while enhancing our economic success.


  • ensure the transition increases overall employment;
  • utilize market mechanisms to reduce pollution and enhance competition for innovation in low-carbon technologies;
  • eliminate subsidies hindering the low-carbon transition;
  • define and seek to eliminate energy poverty in Canada;
  • Refine the application process to be more effective by assessing the full costs and benefits through the life-cycle of a proposed energy project;
  • evaluate and eliminate interprovincial trade barriers;
  • enhance access and diversity of markets for energy products and services;
  • take actions to maximize the efficient utilization and conservation of energy resources;
  • establish meaningful consultative, Constitutional processes with First Nations/Inuit/Metis prior to development of energy and/or natural resource programs;
  • support construction and effective maintenance of pipeline and railway networks across Canada with effective regulation and inspection;
  • establish a multi-sectoral National Roundtable on Energy to advise and monitor progress towards achieving the goals and objectives of the NES.


Liberal Party of Canada (Alberta)