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Safe Campaigns Training

Everyone participating in our democracy should feel welcomed, included, and free from harassment.

After months of input and expert consultation, the Liberal Party of Canada is moving forward with a comprehensive new training program to foster Safe Campaigns on the road to the 2019 election.

Our new online training module will equip you with the tools to show leadership in creating inclusive spaces. You will learn about what constitutes harassment, how to facilitate a positive campaign environment, and what you can do if you— or someone you know— experiences harassment.

The Safe Campaigns training is available through LPC’s Team Trudeau Training Hub. Click below to login to the training, or to create a new user account.

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LPC Respectful Workplace Policy

The Liberal Party of Canada is committed to promoting equity and diversity, and to supporting the dignity of all persons in the workplace, including employees and volunteers.

LPC will take all reasonable precautions to prevent harassment in our workplaces and on the campaign trail. Any concerns or complaints about harassment will be taken seriously and handled in a confidential, impartial, and fair manner, in accordance with the procedures set out in the LPC Respectful Workplace Policy.

Concerns about harassment may be reported to any of the following Officers identified in the Policy:

  • The National Director;
  • The Human Resources Manager in the National Office; or
  • the Director of a Provincial or Territorial Board.

These Officers can assist you in identifying and exploring appropriate options for the resolution of harassment concerns.

Individuals who feel their rights have been violated have the right to file a formal complaint, which should be submitted to the National Director.

Together, we can help create a fairer, more inclusive, and more welcoming environment for all Canadians participating in our democracy – and ensure that all of us are fully and fairly represented in positive politics.

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