Voting ID Requirements

It’s easier than ever to be a voter and to help move Canada #ForwardForEveryone! Millions of Canadians are getting ready to vote and make a real difference in this election.

How to vote Check voter registration

To vote, you must prove your identity and address. Choose the option that works best for you!

Icon of a driver's licence

Show one of these pieces of ID

Your driver’s licence

Any other card issued by a Canadian government (federal, provincial/territorial or local) with your photo, name, and current address.

Icon of a letter and driver's licence

Show two of these pieces of ID

Both must have your name and at least one must have your current address (e.g. your voter information card and a bank statement or your student ID card and a utility bill). Click here for a full list of accepted ID under option 2.

List of accepted ID

Icon of a person and letter

If you don’t have ID

You can still vote if you a) declare your identity and address in writing and b) have someone who knows you who is assigned to vote at the same polling station vouch for you.

The person who is vouching must be able to prove their identity and address. A person can vouch for only one person (except in long-term care institutions).

Important information about ID

  • Elections Canada accepts pieces of ID in their original format – electronic documents like e-statements or e-invoices can be printed or shown on your mobile device.
  • Multiple pieces of ID from the same source can be used if the documents serve different purposes, i.e. an invoice and a transcript from the same school.
  • Your name and address must be printed on the ID, not added by hand.
  • Elections Canada accepts expired ID as well, as long as your name and current address are accurate.
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