A more openLiberal Party

“By adopting our new constitution, our party has taken a bold step. One that will help us build the most open, innovative, and effective political movement in Canadian history.”
Justin Trudeau
Leader, Liberal Party of Canada

A new constitution for a more open Liberal party

On May 28, 2016 at the Liberal Biennial Convention in Winnipeg, delegates overwhelmingly voted in favour of adopting a new constitution, seizing a once-in-a-generation opportunity to modernize, strengthen, and open up our movement for the 21st century.

In 2016 the Liberal Party of Canada has taken huge steps to transform itself into a streamlined, responsive and campaign-focused organization. And the transition from 18 constitutions (and 700 pages!), to one party, with one constitution, and 10 by-laws, represents a tremendous amount of work by volunteers and staff across the country — and is an important milestone in our ongoing efforts to modernize and open up our party.

Our new governance structures embrace the principle that our differences make us stronger as we work across the country to follow common standards and achieve common goals. Learn more about the new constitution and the consultation process that got us here.


– New –By-Laws

Explore how we got here 


Liberals completed the National By-law Survey


participated in telephone town halls


in-person consultations held across the country


dedicated volunteers reviewed your input


by-laws adopted to modernize our movement


Building on our new party constitution and the input of thousands of Liberals across Canada, your LPC National Board has now adopted 10 by-laws to help make our party more open, inclusive, and innovative than ever before. Get the details:

Registered Liberals

SummaryFull By-law

Electoral District Assocations

SummaryFull By-law


SummaryFull By-law

Provincial and Territorial Boards

SummaryFull By-law


SummaryFull By-law


SummaryFull By-law

National Board and Management Committee

SummaryFull By-law

Permanent Appeals Committee

SummaryFull By-law

Chief Agent

SummaryFull By-law

These by-laws are meant to adapt and change. So keep sending us your feedback at 1party@liberal.ca, and we’ll keep listening.