These general meetings for your local Liberal Electoral District Association (EDA) give us all an exciting chance to build up our local team for the year ahead. Table Officers and Directors will be chosen by you, and fellow Liberals in your area.

This is an exciting time to be involved in the Liberal Party of Canada, as we work together to support positive politics and Justin Trudeau’s plan to keep Canada moving forward.

Together, we’re continuing to build the most open and inclusive movement in Canadian politics – and building a better future for Canadians.

General Meeting Pilot Project (Virtual)

Voting Procedures for General Meetings

General Meeting Pilot Project (Virtual)

By: Luc Vaudry, Riding & Party Services Director
Date: November 13, 2020
Re: General Meeting Pilot Project (Virtual)

The health and safety of all Canadians, including our volunteers and supporters, will always be our top priority. That’s why the Liberal Party of Canada’s National Board of Directors has authorized the National Director to amend rules to By-law 2 and By-Law 6 for the purposes of a General Meeting pilot project to help provide flexibility for EDAs as we continue to operate in line with COVID-19 public health guidance across Canada.

The scope of the pilot project will include 50 General Meetings and will be used as an opportunity to test different tools and technologies that allows the Party to hold General Meetings and local party electoral events in the context of ongoing public health guidance in response to this pandemic.

Once the pilot project has concluded, a report of our findings will be presented to the National Board of Directors.

Voting Procedures for General Meetings

By: Beatrice Keleher Raffoul, National Returning Officer
Date: November 17, 2020
Re: Voting Procedures for General Meetings

“Intents to Stand” for Postponed General Meetings:

  1. Intents to Stand for election to EDA roles at General Meetings that were postponed due to the pandemic will be maintained, unless advised otherwise by the applicant.
  2. If the Intent to Stand deadline for the postponed meeting had passed, the positions for which intents had been successfully filed will not be reopened for additional intents. If a position remained vacant at the moment the Intent to Stand deadline had passed, the position will be reopened with revised deadlines.
  3. If the Intent to Stand deadline for the postponed meeting had not passed, all positions will remain opened for intents with revised deadlines.

Nominations from the floor:

  1. In the context of a General Meeting held virtually, nominations from the floor for vacant positions will not be permitted.
  2. Vacant positions can be filled by appointment by the EDA board at a future meeting of the new executive.